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Image by Sally Flegg


Diva is a new contemporary pop musical that explores ageing, women, ethnicity, femininity in ancient mythology and the unforgiving, sexualised world of pop music.  Diva follows the story of ‘Evie’, a former teen idol who attempts to stage her dramatic comeback in middle age.  But the world has moved on and her comeback is a cataclysmic disaster.  As the dust settles, we follow Evie from the aftermath of this gigantic flop through her story of loss, letting go and glorious, unapologetic rebellion against the expectations of her age and gender. 
Diva challenges prevailing perceptions associating ageing with decline. It confronts the societal gaze fixated on women and youthfulness, and the common social expectations of women’s roles as they move from youth into middle age, and on to old age.  It urges audiences to question the dominant cultural conflation of youth and beauty with virtue, to challenge the equation of sexual potential with social validity, and to disrupt their own notions of what older women can and cannot do.  Diva explodes the idea that older women should be silent and invisible and joyfully (and sometimes irreverently) explores the power and potential of women in their prime.
Diva features rollicking and sometimes haunting storytelling and original music (inspired by europop, 90s pop, dance and electronica) performed live by an all-female-performance and music ensemble.


Created by acclaimed sibling artistic trio Josipa Draisma, Mara Knezevic and Sime Knezevic Diva has been commissioned by Campbelltown Arts Centre and is currently in development. Diva is slated to premier and tour in 2026. 
​For all presenting and development partner enquiries contact:
Anthea Doropoulos
Creative Producer Campbelltown Arts Centre

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